The associates at Marathon Global are committed to providing world class customer service to our partners, so that together, we can increase sales, decrease costs, and thereby, improve overall profits.

John Phillips :: Partner/Chairman In 1995 John founded Marathon Global, a Northwest Arkansas based consumer product consulting, sales, and marketing company. From 1972 – 1991, John served as President and CEO of The Phillips Company, owners and operators of Arkansas supermarkets Phillips Food and Food 4 Less. John and his team of associates developed the family business into the largest privately held retail business in Arkansas before selling to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in 1991.

Brent Campbell :: Partner/President  Brent is one of the Company partners and formerly served as chief financial officer.   He has over 25 years of experience in finance, tax, operations and administration, including career assignments in public accounting, retail, manufacturing and leadership positions in various entrepreneurial projects.  Brent worked previously for Deloitte Touche, Hudson Foods, The Phillips Company and Wal-mart.

Robert Kerns :: Partner/Senior VP of Food Sales  Robert worked for 15 years at The Phillips Company prior to the company being sold to Wal-Mart, starting at the store level and ending as a Director of the company at the time of the sale to Wal-Mart. For 13 years Robert worked with Wal-Mart  and served 11 years as Divisional Merchandise Manager for the Wal-Mart International Food Division. Robert joined Marathon Global in 2005.

Marsha Phillips :: Partner/Senior Vice President  Marsha is experienced in a variety of diverse design, marketing and communication strategies not only for the Marathon Global team but also for Marathon Global Imports, Phillips Investments and Fellowship Bible Church of NWA. She is passionate about community outreach and working with nonprofits. Her expertise includes teaching, media and design.


 Mike Wallner :: VP of General Merchandise Sales  Mike brings over 25 years of retail experience in both, mass and department store channels, delivering outstanding results.  Mike was successful buying, product/brand development, sourcing, marketing and store operations at JC Penney and Wal-Mart. He understands the complete product cycle from development of merchandise strategies to in-store execution. 


Lou Rhuda :: VP of General Merchandise Sales  Lou has extensive experience in sales, marketing and category management with an emphasis in toys and sporting goods along with several other categories. As an executive at Wal-Mart Stores, Lou received the Wal-Mart Hero Award from the President and CEO of the Wal-Mart Stores Division--an elite award  in  recognition of outstanding service to the customer and the company.

Joe Meyers :: VP of General Merchandise Sales Joe brings almost 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and category management. As a  buyer in Hardware, Power Equipment and Sporting Goods with Wal-Mart,  Joe received the Sam Walton Hero Award—in recognition of outstanding service to the customer and the company. Joe also brings six years of outstanding sales knowledge and skills.


Kelli Hartgrave :: Director of Operations  Kelli has forecasting, analytics and replenishment experience on both the Domestic and International sides of Wal-Mart including and Wal-Mart Canada. Kelli has experience at Target as well. She was employed by Wal-Mart for over 14 years, and has worked in the supplier world since leaving Wal-Mart. 



Dawn Wood :: Sales Account Manager Dawn brings over 16 years of experience in sales, marketing and category management. As a  buyer in Checkouts, Perishable Meat, Dry Grocery and Sporting Goods with Wal-Mart,  Dawn received the Buyer of the Quarter—in recognition of increased sales and profit to the company. Dawn also brings four years of licensing, high level negotiations, sales and branding knowledge gained while at NASCAR to the Marathon Global team.


Randy Harper :: Accounting Manager   Randy is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Accounting.  He brings experience and knowledge in a wide variety of accounting, financial and office functions.


Jennifer Bowman :: Operations Manager    Jennifer brings 10 years of experience as a Replenishment Manager, and 9 years Logistics Merchandise Inventory Control at Wal-Mart. Along with Retail Supply Chain Certification from Accenture Supply Chain Academy, Jennifer also has over 25 years retail experience in various apparel and general merchandise categories, having worked in stores, warehousing, and various Wal-Mart Home Office roles.


 Whitney Evans :: Compliance Analyst   With more than 8 years of experience in customer service as well as vast knowledge in the CTL testing process for Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club items, Whitney brings a variety of new abilities to the Marathon team. Her skills also include  compliance for domestic and import items.


Laura Holt :: Sales and Marketing   Laura brings over 17 years of experience in Transportation, Logistics, Replenishment, and Project Management.   She is certified in the Retail Supply Chain Certification program prior to leaving Wal-Mart.  Laura is passionate about serving our community and supports the NWA Children’s Shelter and NWA Women’s Shelter.